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Sorry Squirrels: Birds Only Invited

If you love attracting birds to your yard, but are getting frustrated with those squirrely guests that keep feasting on the feed, we have a solution! The quick answer is to ramp up your birdseed Cajun style. That’s right: make the seed blend ...

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Attract Birds with Plants

  Plants Latin Name Benefits Trees Apple Malus spp. Fruit, insects; nesting cavities Ash Fraxinus spp. Seeds, insects; cover Birch Betula spp. Seeds, insects; cover Bottlebrush Callistemon ...

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For the Birds: Common Feeder Birds in Acadiana

Bird Feeder Foods Feeder Types Year-round     Blue Jay Black oil sunflower, hulled sunflower, striped sunflower, whole  peanuts, peanut hearts  safflower, millet Hopper, Tray, Whole peanut, Cylinder Brown-headed ...

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