Christmas Trees Here

Our fresh fir Christmas trees are now here! The smell of our favorite season is in the air, and families make memories by selecting their tree by name! Yes, all of our Christmas trees are named! You can have “Mickey Mouse” or “Princess Elsa” in your living room all season!

There are some factors to choosing a healthy tree. A straight trunk is great, but there is more to consider. There should be no damaged bark, cracks in the trunk, or oozing sap, as these will cause needles to become brittle more quickly. Needles should feel supple, somewhat waxy, and provide resistance against the hand. Those that are limp, dry, and easily bent may be ready to drop.

Freshly cut trees should be put in water as soon as possible. The trick is to get the tree into water within 30 minutes of the fresh cut. Don’t allow the basin to dry once it runs out of water because after 30 minutes of being dry, the tree will not take up any water. If a stand is not ready, set the trunk in a bucket, or put warm, damp towels over the base. Don’t put trees in direct sun – for those in a sunny window, a sheer curtain will help.

Tree preservatives contain wood softeners to help water reach the needles. Remember that a large tree can drink a gallon of water its first day. If it does not, give another fresh cut, or use hot water to soften the sap and add tree preservative to get water flowing.

We offer the following services to enhance the magic of this Christmas season: 

Please come by or call our Garden Center for complete details. 

Delivery Services: 

Don't have a vehicle to tote a tree? No problem. We will bring it to you, and even offer a "set up in your space" option. Please note this does not include moving furniture or decorating. 

Snow-Flocking Services: 

Bring the look of a White Christmas into your home. Snow-flocking is the look of either light, medium or heavy "snow" on the branches. Flocked trees come with a custom stand and ARE NOT watered! If it's watered, the snow flock will come off. 

Lighting Services: 

You can even say it glows! We light trees and it is spectacular for the entire season! 





We can combine any of these services to help you and your family celebrate the magic of Christmas with a fresh Christmas tree!