Drift Off to a Dream Landscape

Drift roses are an LSU Louisiana Super Plant selection, and are low-growing landscape roses providing you with easy maintenance and loads of color. Fall is a great time to plant roses because they establish in the cooler weather and provide outstanding color to a fall landscape.

The Drift Rose series was originally bred and selected to provide all of the resilience, disease resistance and frequent flowering of the larger landscape roses on a much lower growing shrub. They fit beautifully into smaller landscape spaces, provide the perfect compact size shrub for foundation plantings, and also look great in containers!

Drift Roses only mature to 2-3’ tall with a generous spread of 4’ or more. The low, spreading habit, colorful flowers and long blooming season makes them useful and enjoyable in a landscape. These ever-blooming shrubs are perfect as a border or bedding plant. They make stunning low hedge or may be used to edge a bed of taller shrubs. The possibilities are endless!

There are many colors available- from shades of pink, coral, red, to a whitish yellow. Some Drift Rose varieties produce double flowers, while others are a single flower. All of them produce flowers in large clusters that can virtually cover the shrub when in full bloom! The flush of flowers occur from late spring through fall.

The cooler fall temperatures makes it an enjoyable time to get out a “dig” planting a Drift Rose (as with any other tree or shrub)!

Before planting, be sure you have a well-prepared landscape bed enriched with generous amounts of organic matter, such as compost. Good drainage produces the best result, so avoid low, wet areas or plant in a raised bed. An ideal spacing is about 3’ apart.

There are two important things to know about Drift Roses:
1. In mid-February, they need to be pruned back to 2/3 its size, leaving 1/3 of the plant. Follow by fertilizing and applying systemic insecticide/fungicide.

2. In August, they need to be pruned by cutting off 1/3 of its size. Follow by fertilizing and applying a systemic insecticide/fungicide.

Also, deadheading old blooms keeps the plant from making seeds, thus the plant will bloom more!

Overall Drift Roses are hardy plants that are easy to grow. They appeal to today’s “busy gardener,” with their low-maintenance and high disease resistance!