Fall Planter Perfection


A perfect fall planter means color all season long. It’s also a welcoming greeter for your Thanksgiving company, inviting people indoors for the warmth of the season.
When beginning to create one, the key is to pick plants that like the cool weather. We don’t usually have many nights with freezing temperatures, but it’s a good idea to go ahead with flowers that tolerate the low temps best. Follow this guide for perfecting your planters for color throughout the fall.

Pansies love the cold and are great for adding lots of color. These tough little guys can last through light frosts making them great for fall and winter planters. Use these along the edge of pots as some varieties tend to trail.

For height in planters, try Swiss Chard or grasses. Swiss Chard "Bright Lights" has a rainbow of colors throughout their stems giving great color throughout the season. This leafy green is also edible! Grasses are another great choice for fall planters. Purple fountain grass is awesome for color and adds dramatic plumes towards the end of the season. White Cloud and Pink Muhly Grasses have light “fluffy” plumes that invite interest.


For fillers add in colorful ornamental peppers and kale to round out the planter. Other great fillers are dwarf snapdragons, petunias, marigolds, dianthus, and violas. Some of the plants will appreciate the cooler temperatures that come in the second half of the month, so plant your crotons now, but save a corner for some violas later this month.


Using the right plants can dramatically prolong your flowering through all of fall's ups and downs.


For more combination ideas stop in today and talk with our knowledgeable staff! We are always here “letting you know it so you can grow it!”