Fall-Tastic Plants

Hopefully soon we will see a few cool fronts blow through South Louisiana! It will be tempting to gear up for that transition to a fall garden. However, these cool days and nights can sometimes be a breath of fresh air for warm-season annuals as well. Many fall plants require consistently cool temperatures before being planted, and another spell of warm weather can be too much stress for young transplants.
Refer to this helpful guide complied by our knowledgeable employees to know what to plant and when. You will see some plants listed twice; It may be okay to plant some things in the morning sun now, but better to wait a few weeks before exposing to all-day sun.

Plant Now: ​​​​​​​

Marigolds (Full-Part Sun)

Petunias (Part Sun-Part Shade)

Crotons (Full-Part Sun)

Ornamental Peppers (Full Sun)

Ornamental Cabbage & Kale (Full Sun-Part Shade)

Chrysanthemums (Mums) (Full Sun-Part Shade)

Dianthus (Part Sun-Part Shade)

-Calendula (Full-Part Sun)

Plant After October 1st (Nighttime Temperature should be consistently in the 60s):

-Dianthus (Full Sun-Part Shade)

-Snapdragons (Full-Part Sun)

-Violas (Part Sun-Part Shade)

-Alyssum (Full-Part Sun)

Recommended to Wait until October 15 or later due to consistent cooler night temperatures:
These plants need 60-degree nights or cooler to thrive.

Pansies (Part Sun-Part Shade)

Cyclamen (Part-Full Shade)

Violas (Full Sun)

Recommended to Wait until November 1st

Pansies (Full Sun)

Cyclamen (Part Sun)