Fall's Top 3 Products

We compiled the 3 top products for general fall usage. From helping plants grow, to blooming pansies all winter, to your lawn- here are our recommended products to add to your cart today:


Fertilome Winterizer

Fertilome brand Winterizer is a great product to prepare your lawn, trees, and shrubs for winter. This granule product acts as an ‘overcoat’ for your plants that will protect them for the upcoming winter months. With low amounts of Nitrogen, this encourages the plant to build hardiness, stem strength, and disease resistance. Low amounts of Potassium ensures the plant will stay healthy and stable to survive the winter months. Come in to All Seasons to prepare your lawn, shrubs, and trees for winter!


Mycorrhizal Fungus

Mycorrhizal is a naturally occurring fungus found in soil. This fungus acts as a root extension, making the plant more effective in nutrient and water absorption. This product works most effectively when it comes into direct

contact with root systems. For best results, apply a layer to a freshly dug hole that your plant will come in contact with. For established plants, apply layer and rake thoroughly through soil.


Blood Meal

Hi-Yield’s Blood Meal is a great addition to add to your pansy planting! This slow-release granule provides high amounts of nitrogen to the soil to encourage foliage to green up and last longer. This product also works great

for roses, caladiums, trees, shrubs, and any other plant you want the foliage to green up.