Fresh Ideas for Winter "Gardening"


Is daydreaming about Spring all you've been doing lately? You need a winter hobby! Indoor gardening is the perfect activity to chase those winter blues away!


Here at All Seasons, we stay in that Spring state-of-mind even during these long "winter" months by keeping our hands in the dirt. Here are a few gardening activities to warm up your winter. Remember, we are open year-round, including winter!


Create a Terrarium

What’s low maintenance, green year-round, trendy, and takes up very little space? Terrariums! 
Creating your own terrarium is the perfect winter activity to keep your yearning for spring at bay. The best thing of all, even if your home is small, we guarantee there is room for one of these gardens.  Be creative with your choice of container.  From jars, to bowls, to that old glass coffee pot you were just going to toss out, there's no end to the creative containers that can house a terrarium.  Once you find a "home" for your new garden, it's time to pick out some plants.  Our helpful and knowledgeable experts can help with that part.  Before you know it, you will have created your very own glass garden. 



Make your own Miniature Garden

If you have the creative itch to create a different type of garden, a miniature garden is the answer.  Like creating your own terrarium, you can be creative! Grab a cool container, some potting soil, plants, and a few accessories and go to work. The possibilities are endless. 


You can visit our Pinterest board "Fairy Gardens" to get inspiration for your indoor mini garden.


Paint a Pot
Clay pots can turn dramatically into a face or creation sure to delight any patio! This winter, while you’re waiting for the weather to warm, come grab a clay pot, get some paints or other craft supplies, and get creative painting/creating! When spring comes, you can plant your favorite plant inside and enjoy your creation! If you don’t want to wait for spring to plant, we have plenty of cool season flower that will be perfect for your new pot! The possibilities are endless, and fun! Get the kiddos involved too!


You can visit out Pinterest board “Clay Pot Ideas “ to get inspiration for your painted pot project.


Try Something New
Is there a plant that you've always wanted for your home, but just haven't gotten around to getting it yet? Great! It's the perfect time to try new things.  Don't let winter turn your green thumb gray; Put it to use with a new plant or flower to help you get your gardening fix this winter.  Imagine waking up to a beautiful bromeliad on your nightstand, or pruning your own bonsai tree after a long day at work.  Let our gardening experts help you discover something new. 


Plan Your Spring Garden Now

If you really just can't get that Spring and Summer garden out of your head, then why not take your time and start your planning now? 


Even better, visit our Plant Finder page online here. This tool can be as specific as you’d like to find the perfect plants for your landscape, garden or even container! These plants are the ones we generally have in stock here. However, we should always be contacted to check availability.

The best idea of all is to call us for your FREE consultation for a new landscape plan. Whether it’s new landscape beds or a complete outdoor kitchen with pool paradise, we will design the backyard of your dreams!

You can lay out your garden exactly how you want it now and come Spring, all you have to do is buy your plants.  If you like to keep a garden journal, start one just for planning this year's garden.  Grab a pretty notebook and jot your ideas down, clip pictures of what you like in between the pages and sketch your ideal plan right in the notebook (you know, the old-fashioned way Pre-Pinterest). You can also create boards on Pinterest!   You'll have so much fun bringing your garden to life, that Spring will arrive before you know it! As usual, we are always here to help!