Health Benefits of Houseplants: From A to Z

These houseplants don’t just sit there looking pretty— they decrease stress, remove indoor pollutants and even make us nicer.


Flowering houseplants like anthurium help decrease our stress levels, which is becoming increasingly valuable as our lives get crazier.


Colorful bromeliads look a bit like exotic living flower arrangements. They’re perfect for offices where their colorful blooms can help extend our attention spans and keep us focused on tasks.


Colorful houseplants like crotons amp up our creative juices!


Most houseplants release moisture into the air as part of their breathing process. Big-leafed plants like the dieffenbachia are especially helpful in winter, when forced-air heaters transform indoor humidity to desert-like levels.


Dracaenas are particularly easy to grow and efficient air cleaners, especially for chemical compounds like xylene, which is released by floor coverings, photocopiers, paint and other household compounds

Lucky Bamboo

Can plants really make us smarter? Studies from the American Horticultural Therapy Association hint that having houseplants can help us concentrate better. Add some lucky bamboo to your home office!

Majesty Palm

While plants make us happier in general, they can specifically improve our job satisfaction. Majesty palm is an ideal piece of décor for your desk or office space—and it also makes a wonderful living privacy screen.


Much easier to care for than most people think, orchids add a touch of exotic elegance to any area. As an added benefit, they’re also great at filtering indoor air pollution.

Peace Lily

NASA named peace lilies one of the most efficient natural filters. Houseplants scrub indoor air pollutants, making our air fresher and safer.  This is especially important as our buildings get more energy efficient and we end up trapping those pollutants inside.


 A University of Texas study showed folks who spend time around plants like pothos are more likely to help others, be more caring and empathetic!

Red Aglaonema

Need some extra energy? Get a red aglaonema. From appetites to energy level, the color red is stimulating.


Snake Plant

This is one snake you’ll actually want in your house. A perfect plant for bedrooms, the snake plant is practically indestructible—tolerating low light and long bouts without water—and is especially good at adding oxygen at night.


ZZ Plant

The ZZ plant is easy to care for, which is just one less thing for our to-do list. Research shows that having plants around can help us feel better and heal faster from injuries.

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