Holiday Houseplants


Decorate your home for the holidays with these colorful houseplant options.


Loved for their big, bright, red blooms, these classic holiday plants are actually tropical plants, making poinsettias the perfect houseplant candidate year-round. If displayed outdoors, be sure to bring in on nights below 40 degrees! Poinsettias are also mildly toxic and cause skin irritations to some, so keep on a table or shelf away from children or pets!

Amaryllis and Paperwhites (Narcissus)

Amaryllis and Paperwhite bulbs bought from the nursery have been “forced” to bloom inside during the winter months and help create an exotic display when grouped together. When flowers fade in January, trim back the flowering stem and plant outdoors; they will bloom again in the spring!

Small, fragrant white flowers resemble a powder snow when planted in mass as a landscape border. Add in any holiday porch planter as fillers to bring a soft look to other holiday plants. The sweet smell will welcome your holiday company!


Anthurium is a tropical plant that shows off shiny, dark green foliage with flowers that can be red, yellow or green. They like light shade, and a warm and humid atmosphere, so misting is beneficial. Anthuriums offer a relatively long bloom time and easy rebloom, so they are much easier than many other flowering houseplants!


Cyclamen is an essential part of the winter garden that can also be potted and kept indoors. Cyclamen are loved for their colorful blooms and dark green foliage that last throughout the winter. Cyclamen love cool weather outdoors, so when inside, they must be kept away from heater vents, and might like being set next to a cool window!

Norfolk Island Pine

You may recognize the Norfolk Island Pine as the small tree offered in many stores and garden centers around Christmastime, often covered in a layer of glitter. Be careful: this conifer is adapted to warm-weather, and will perish in cold climates. Bring in on nights that frost is expected!

Fiddleleaf Fig

The fiddleleaf fig tree has large, attractive leaves and can grow up to six feet or more. The tree thrives in humidity, so place it in a warm, sunny spot and run a humidifier in the winter months, or mist the leaves regularly if heaters are run high.

Christmas Cactus

The Christmas cactus is perfect for a tall pot or a hanging basket, which allows the long, bright green stems terminating in red, white, pink, purple or orange flowers to rain down in the fall and winter. Christmas cactus grown indoors year-round must be forced to bloom, as the indoor environment doesn’t provide the conditions necessary to trigger a bloom. Read or article about Christmas cactus to learn how to make them bloom!


Bromeliads are loved for their striking, colorful foliage. Keep these tropicals in a warm location that receives plenty of light for the best chance of blooming, but don't be disappointed if yours doesn't bloom, or only blooms once.


Peperomia are small houseplants with interesting foliage that varies depending on the variety. They love humidity, so water often and consider keeping in the bathroom. The perfect plant to give as a gift to the budding plant enthusiast in your family!


Kalanchoe is a thick-leaved succulent that naturally produce flowers in a variety of colors, most commonly red, pink, yellow and white. Kalanchoe blossfeldiana is one of the most widely available varieties. Keep your kalanchoe in a warm, sunny window and let the soil dry between waterings.