Christmas Trees {Now Here}

Fresh Cut Christmas Trees are HERE! 

The smell of our favorite season is now in the air, and families will be making memories by selecting their tree by name! Yes, all of our Christmas trees are named! You can have “Mickey Mouse” or “Princess Elsa” in your living room all season!

What varieties of trees do we have this year? We have 5 different kinds- all beautiful and all unique to showcase the season with you. 
Noble Firs are back this year after a too long shortage! 
Native to the Pacific Northwest, it boasts "noble" deep bluish-green color. This tree has sturdy, but flexible branches, and is a symmetrical shape. The long needles are four-sided and twist upward, leaving the lower surface of the branch exposed. It's also very aromatic for the season!
Fraser Fir: 
Native to the Appalachian mountains, it is considered by many to be the perfect Christmas tree. It boasts attractive 1'' needles that are silvery-green & soft to the touch, making it ideal for families with young children or pets who tend to handle their tree.
Balsam Fir: 
Native to the North US & Canada, it has a symmetrical spire-like crown, shining dark green color, and spicy fragrance. These elements have made it a favorite Christmas tree for hundreds of years. The branches are also ideal for wreaths & other holiday greenery.
Douglas  Fir
Native to the Western US, this is another quintessential Christmas tree with long, soft, shiny blue-green toned needles. They are dense and symmetrical with a thick bark. The branches are flexible for ornament-friendly! The fragrance of Christmas will be in the air with this seasonal favorite!
Nordman Fir: Originally native to the mountains of the Black Sea, it was named after a botanist who discovered it in Georgia. Unparalleled in beauty and durability, this tree has excellent needle retention, which is ideal for your holiday decorating. It boasts a shiny, deep green look with strong branches for large ornaments.

There are some factors to choosing a healthy tree. A straight trunk is great, but there is more to consider. There should be no damaged bark, cracks in the trunk, or oozing sap, as these will cause needles to become brittle more quickly. Needles should feel supple, somewhat waxy, and provide resistance against the hand. Those that are limp, dry, and easily bent may be ready to drop.

Freshly cut trees should be put in water as soon as possible. The trick is to get the tree into water within 30 minutes of the fresh cut. Don’t allow the basin to dry once it runs out of water because after 30 minutes of being dry, the tree will not take up any water. If a stand is not ready, set the trunk in a bucket, or put warm, damp towels over the base. Don’t put trees in direct sun – for those in a sunny window, a sheer curtain will help.

Tree preservatives contain wood softeners to help water reach the needles. Remember that a large tree can drink a gallon of water its first day. If it does not, give another fresh cut, or use hot water to soften the sap and add tree preservative to get water flowing.

Watch owner Peter Mayeux on KATC talking about Christmas Tree safety! 

We offer Christmas tree services to further enchant your holiday season!

We offer the following services, and the price depends on the size tree you select:

-Delivery- We all love fresh Christmas trees, but we don’t all have a vehicle to bring it home ourselves. No worries. We offer delivery!
If you are a garden club member living in Lafayette City Limits, with a purchase of $250+, it’s free. If you are a garden club member outside of Lafayette City Limits, it’s a $50 fee. If you are not a garden club member, it’s a $75 fee.
Please note that delivery dates cannot be guaranteed.

It’s free and easy to sign up to become a member, so learn and sign up online here!

-Snow Flocking- This service does something that nothing else can do: bring a “snow-filled” tree into your Louisiana living room! We flock your tree in either light, medium or heavy- depending on your preference. Your flocked tree will have its own custom-built stand, so you will not need to purchase that. After its flocked, it will require at least 24 hours to dry before being delivered.
Trees that are flocked are NOT WATERED! Do not water your flocked tree! The water is taken up from the trunk and will sluff off all the flocking.


-Lighting- Have your Christmas light up your life with us lighting your tree! Lights are LED, and are required to be purchased from us. We have white and colored lights available. How many boxes you will need depends on the size of the tree you select. The lights are a separate purchase from the lighting service.

We can combine any of these services to help you and your family celebrate the magic of Christmas with a fresh Christmas tree!