Make a Plan for Fall Planting

It’s your day off of work, and you know that your landscape needs a little attention.

Maybe one or two of the shrubs that you planted earlier in the year did not take and now you’re left with a gap in the middle of your beds. Or maybe you have a clean slate, and you are re-doing everything in your beds this fall.
No matter which situation you are in, here is what you can be doing to get ready for a successful fall planting.

Identify your landscape needs:
Are you replacing a few things here and there? Or are you starting from scratch? Do you need to build up your beds with a nice, healthy garden soil? How much soil do you need? Or do you just need to spray, or hand pull, some overgrown weeds? Do you need to freshen up the mulch? How many bags do you need? Do you want to add a small corner of the bed for annual and perennial color? Do you need to add a border to the bed?

Write out a step by step plan, and draw a simple sketch: You don’t have to be an artist to draw a simple sketch. Just try your best to outline the areas that you have, or the areas that you want to create.

Write down some rough dimensions and draw in any existing trees or shrubs. Having a step by step plan will help you to stay on task and get more accomplished this fall!

Make your observations: Observe how many hours of sunlight the area receives. This will be important when selecting plants. Is the area shaded, or protected by a large tree? Does the soil stay consistently moist? Or does it dry out very quickly? These are all observations that are very important when deciding which plants will do well in a particular area.

Do your research: Ask friends and neighbors about plants that have performed well for them. Take pictures of landscapes around town that you like. And lastly, if you feel so inclined, look online. But be careful. You will probably find some really cool plants that you want to plant, but won’t be able to find, because they do not necessarily do well in our region. So make sure that you are researching plant for “Southern Climates” or “Southeast Louisiana.”
All of these steps will be a very important parts of your landscape planning and planting.

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