Planning your Flowerbeds

Plan the number and size of flowerbeds so the maintenance they will require can be carried out-not just in spring, but through the hot summer months.

Trust us- we want you to plant to your heart’s content! But, be careful not to plant more beds than you have the time, physical ability or inclination to devote to their care and upkeep.

Think about the colors you want to use and their placement in the landscape before you come visit us. However, we can always help you with that if you’re not sure! We suggest you use masses of colors to maximize visual effects. Use colors that combine well with the background and that pleasantly harmonize or contrast with each other. Locate color in the landscape where you want to focus the viewer’s attention.

Evaluate the light conditions and determine if the bed is sunny (6 hours or more of direct sun) or shady (2-4 hours of direct sun) before you come visit us. That way, we can help you make the right selection for success. We want to help you choose the plants that will do well in the location where you intend to plant them.

Check the labels on the plants you consider using for how tall they will grow, since this is important to how you will use them. It’s not unusual for bedding plants to exceed the size on the tag in our area due to our long growing season and fertile soils. But, it’s a good guide!

Enrich flower beds with 2-4’’ of organic matter, such as compost, and general-purpose fertilizer (following package directions) thoroughly incorporated into the upper 8’’ of soil. The performance of bedding plants in your landscape depends a lot on how well you prepare the beds prior to planting.

After planting, apply about 2’’ of your favorite mulch to be icing on the cake!

Enjoy your flowerbed!