Plant Sunshine to Last Year-Round


Have you driven around town and seen these bright yellow, cheerful looking shrubs? They’re relatively new to the horticultural world and, if you can believe it, it’s a Ligustrum!

Yes, those old time plants that EVERYONE is allergic to now comes in a vibrant color. The best part is, they’re sterile which means…no allergies! Here are a few of their finer points.


Dimensions: 5 feet tall and wide so they aren’t invasive and oversized like other Privets.

Growth Habit: Shrubby, dense form that grows rounded but can also be formed into topiaries like cones and boxes.

Foliage: Small, chartreuse yellow leaves adorn the plant all summer long and turn reddish in the fall and winter. Note these are the colors in full all-day sun. When in more shade, the plant will be more green to yellow.

Blooms: Does not bloom. Sterile shrub.

Hardiness: Evergreen shrub. Heat and drought tolerant in summer.

Toxicity: Listed as toxic to pets, but will usually just cause digestive upset.

Care Requirements: Light: Works best in full sun (6 or more hours per day).

Water: Water regularly until established and water in periods of long drought.

 Soil: Well-drained soil is best but can acclimate to many soil types.

Fertilizer: Fertilize 3 times per year with an all-purpose slow release fertilizer.

Pruning: Prune as needed to maintain desired size and shape.


1. Dynamic anchor shrub and hedge.

2. Centerpiece or standalone specimen plant in the garden or large pot.

3. Topiary shrub or sunny patio specimen in a pot.

More and more people are utilizing plants in the landscape that are prized for their distinctive foliage like Sunshine Ligustrum and Variegated Flax Lily rather than traditional blooming shrubs like Azaleas or Indian Hawthorne. They are tough like traditional plants but add more color with less work in many ways.

If you have a blank sunny space or if you’re building a new bed to play in, consider using some bright, trendy new plants in your new garden space.

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