Roses are Red...and Many other Colors

Pictured: Pope John Paul Rose

When the calendar page turns to February, we all think of Roses! Roses say “love” with their beauty and fragrance. Planting roses now ensures vigorous blooms for Valentine’s Day and beyond. Whether you enjoy the soft, quintessential romantic tones of pinks, reds and whites or say your love loud with yellow or purple, we have the rose for your garden.

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To hold hands with your new rose, here is a guide of products.

Please visit with a knowledgeable employee at our garden center to determine which of these is the best fit to help your rose garden take root and grow.

Bayer All-in-One Rose & Flower Care

This product’s exclusive 3-in-1 formula feeds and protects in one easy step. The fertilizer promotes strong roots and beautiful blooms. The insect control keeps small biting pests like Thrips, Aphids and others away. The disease control helps with black spot, powdery mildew, rust and Southern blight. One application of this will protect your roses for 6 weeks.

Fertilome Rose & Flower Food with Systemic Insecticide

This product is excellent in early Spring & early Fall. It will help to boost an attractive Spring & Fall display by promoting strong roots and beautiful blooms.  With a systemic insect control built it, it will protects plants from damage by aphids, whiteflies, mealybugs, scale among other pests. As a bonus- it boasts “rainproof protection” so no worries if you put down the product only for it to get wet. This will feed for up to 8 weeks and treats up to 32 rose bushes (or 200 sq ft) so get growing y’all!

Organic Options:

These options are favorable year-long fertilizers, which break down into soil to become part of the soil’s eco system. This helps to feed for a long time.

Espomoa Rose-Tone {Rose & Flower Food}

This product is designed to supply the necessary nutrients for growing prize-winning roses. It’s created from natural and organic plant food, but not containing any sledges or fillers. How does it work? The organics inside break down gradually to provide a long-lasting food reservoir throughout the growing season. There is also a proprietary blend of microbes that biologically enhances the mix, called Bio-Tone, thus resulting in superior plant growth.

Natural Guard by Fertilome {Rose & Flower Food}

This product is formulated to create more flowers that are larger and more vibrant. Inside this organic product is all natural options that can be used with confidence in your garden. Like Espoma’s Bio-Tone, this product has a similar ingredient “BIOZOME.” BIOZOME is a micro-nutrient fertilizer that contains all the essential micro-nutrients Boron, Cobalt, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Sulfur and Zinc.


Dr. Earth Rose & Flower Fertilizer

This product is a liquid rose and flower fertilizer, which is absorbed much quicker and produces results much faster. It contains PreBiotic and ProMoisture Hydrate, which is to feed flowering plants naturally and promotes bigger, more abundant blooms. The PreBiotics (soluble sugars) provide the existing soil microbes with food and energy to multiply more quickly. ProMoisture Hydrate (Aloe vera) concentrate assists in the hydration of biotics in the soil by coating them with a patent-pending slimy layer to enhance mircrobial hydration.

Happy Frog Jump Start Fertilizer

This product is great for any new planting, including roses! It is specifically formulated to get new plantings established faster. This proprietary mix of fertilizers supplies phosphorus, which is necessary for root development. It also contains calcium, which builds stronger cell walls, boosting the plant’s ability to resist disease. Mycorrhizal fungi are included to help increase root efficiency, which may enhance nutrient uptake and water absorption.