Starting from Scratch: Seeding 101


Before you begin sowing seeds, find a sunny spot to keep the seedlings. They need light and water in order to germinate. They will need to be watered every day, so be sure to choose a tray able to drain excess water. It takes about 1-2 weeks to see the plants emerge once planted.

Here are more tips!


  • Come see us for seed germination kits or a media. Don’t be alarmed if the media often comes dry and feels like sawdust. This is because it contains dried peat moss and needs water added. When you add water, use your hands to break up large and small clumps.


  • Fill the starter tray with the media, using your hands until each slip is filled.


Next, make a slight indention in each slip (one quarter inch deep), and place a seed in each slip. A general tip is to plant seeds twice as deep as they are wide. You can plant more than one into a slip. Finally, after the seed is planted, sweep the media back over it with your fingers. Water entire tray when complete.


  • When direct seeding outdoors, add compost and /or worm casings to the garden or flower bed. This will loosen up packed soil and add slow release fertilizer.


  • When choosing seeds, check seed packet for expiration date. Be sure the seed you choose can be planted in our area. Also check seed packet for any special germination needs, such as soaking seed in water over night before planting or if seed needs to be scarified.


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