This Summer, Think Fall: Plant Pumpkins

Try planting pumpkins now- this summer! Pumpkins come in several sizes and colors, and are popular for fall decorations.

The ideal time to plant pumpkin seeds is from mid-June to July 4. This should give you pumpkins by Halloween. The recommended varieties that grow well in Louisiana are the ones that mature to 40 pounds.

Get the kids into gardening with planning pumpkins! Pumpkins are a great choice for kids to plant not only because it’s fun to watch it grow and grow, but the seeds are so large and easy for them to handle. 

To grow pumpkins: choose a sunny spot that gets at least six hours of direct sunlight. Plant seeds in a hole about 1 inch deep. Dig the hole 2-3 times as deep as the seed is wide. The seeds need to be planted at least 4 feet apart since pumpkins grow into huge, sprawling vines. Water after planting the seeds, and water regularly from the time seeds are planted until the pumpkins are harvested. Watering is crucial in these summer months with the soil dries out quickly.

A growing pumpkin’s worst enemy is worms, so watch out for them to attack! If you see worms around, pick them off by hand or spray with an insecticide. We can help match the right spray with your infestation, so come talk to us if you need!

Have fun growing your fall decorations, and get excited about how to carve it come October 31!