Top 10 Heat-loving Summer Annuals

We love annuals! They add something special to a landscape, border and/or container for seasonal color. With our summers about to heat up, it’s important to select annuals that love heat as much as our state does. Here are 10 of our all-time favorite spring-summer annuals:

Pentas are large star-shaped flowers in vibrant colors with velvet/fuzzy-textured evergreen foliage. They are great in containers and attract a rush of butterflies and hummingbirds! They are full-sun lovers that mature to 14-20’’ tall by 10-24’’ wide, and bloom summer-fall while growing rapidly.

Known to many as the “summer snapdragon,” Angelonia are on the list of LSU Superplants. The Alonia Big Series boasts large blooms, while the original has lovely dainty blooms. Both puts on a show of color with the either white, purple or pink blooms gracing the long stems. They love full sun, and grow rapidly to about 12-18’’ high and 12’’ wide.

Blue Daze
With the heat of summer, the cool blue blooms and light foliage brings a cool feeling to summer. This is a trailing plant, so ideal for flower boxes and containers. Both the stems and the small, oval-shaped leaves are dense covered with short, downy hairs, which gives a silvery appearance. Many small, sky blue, funnel-shaped flowers cover the plant. It loves full sun, matures to 1’ tall by 2’ wide, grows rapidly and blooms summer-fall.

Zinna flower are super colorful and a long-lasting addition to a flower garden. They also make exceptional cut flower arrangements. With both abundance of bright, vibrant flowers in a variety of forms and sizes, and a love of high heat, zinnias are All-Stars! They love full sun, bloom spring-winter, and get to be 12-18’’ tall and 18’’ wide.

Salvia grows in low clumps of aromatic green foliage with a profusion of colorful stem-like flowers that re-bloom. Makes great borders, or specimens in containers. They make excellent cut flower arrangements, and attract butterflies. They love full sun and mature to 18-24’’tall  by 15’’ wide.

Not all summer favorite annuals are sun lovers. Begonias are sun/shade/partial sun lovers and add color to those shady spots! They are made up of a bright mix of colors with dark, bronze/green foliage. Few other annuals can beat begonias for hardiness and continuous color throughout summer. They mature to 8-12’’ tall by 10’’ and will bloom until a frost.

SunPatiens are robust, sun-loving, heat-tolerant Impatiens that offers profuse blooms from spring-frost. They are show-stopping in mass plantings and can be used to border or for a walkway. They love part sun, and will mature to 2-3’ tall and wide. Enjoy their brightness in containers, too!

Enjoy a flower that mimics the yellow sunshine? Plant marigolds for shades of yellow-gold-orange! They are brilliant flowers and outstanding performers in gardens and/or containers. They love full sun, matures to 12-18’’ tall by 12’’ wide, and will bloom from spring through fall. A great way to encourage more blooms is to deadhead. A great bonus is to plant them in vegetable gardens to repel pests. They are also great pollinators and bees love them! 

These foliage plants are show-stoppers for shade. Whether grown in containers or in the ground, used as specimen plants or as partners in a combination, these multicolored beauties perform like nothing else in the garden. They love part shade/full shade, and grows rapidly to 15’’ tall by 12’’ wide.

Vinca boasts large flowers and overlapping petals with bright colors. The semi-trailing growth habit makes them ideal for baskets and mixed containers. They love full sun, matures to 18’’ tall by 10’’ wide, blooms spring through fall, and blooms showy flowers.

Torenia, or Whishbone Flower, boast bell-shaped flowers with bright green foliage to add bright colors to a shady area. These annuals have a mounding habit, and do well in both containers or in ground, maturing to 12-18’’ tall and wide. There are some varieties that trail adding another level of interest as a spiller in containers or ground cover.


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