What is Mycorrhizae?

It's a popular word for us around the nursery: Mycorrhizae. But, what is it? In a simple sentence: It's the good fungus. 

The soil fungi penetrates growing plant root tissues, surround the root mass and extend far into the surrounding soil, encompassing a much greater volume of soil than that occupied by the plant's own root system. 

Mycorrhizae are also important soil-binding agents, which adds to soil texture. Materials enable soil elements to strongly adhere to soil particles , physically binding them together to ultimately form better soil for growing your garden. This condition increases the root zone, encouraging further root growth, which attracts more mycorrhizae, leading to more stabilizing soil particles. The cycle repeats and the result is your garden soil is most desirable for planting! 


Imagine a giant underground network, like a transportation system. In the network, all established plants grow in harmony together, sharing nutrients with each other. The essence of mycorrhizae's role is to create an extensive network of microscopic filaments that facilitate nutrient transfer among plants. Mycorrhizae help absorb nutrients, assist in drought tolerance and create ideal garden structure, soil that drains, breathes and retains optimum moisture. 

Using a soil or fertilizer to introduce mycorrhizae to your garden makes a huge difference in the health and performance of all plants. Healthy soils are teeming with mycorrhizae. 

Ask us about the soils we have with mycorrhizae to start your garden off right!