April Gardening To Do List

-Prune azaleas, camellias, gardenias, quince, spirea, viburnum, wisteria, dogwood, hydrangeas, mock orange and redbuds immediately after they are finished blooming to encourage flowering for next year. 

-Do not prune off foliage of spring-blooming bulbs until after the foliage has turned brown.

-Plant warm-season bedding plants. 

-Fertilize shrubs using a general-purpose fertilizer. 

-Fertilize azaleas and camellias after they bloom and again 6 weeks later with an acid “azalea fertilizer. This fertilizer can be used on other acid-loving plants, such as gardenias & hollies. Water the fertilizer in with the plant.

-Fertilize summer-blooming perennials, bulbs, tropical plants and bedding plants monthly with a granular product or twice a month with a water-soluble product.

-Mulch plants to reduce watering requirements, suppress weed growth and minimize soil temperature changes. Mulch should be applied up to 2'' thick to be effective. 

-Remove faded blooms from bedding plants to encourage more flowers. 

-Start seeds or plant transplants for kitchen gardens. Don't forget the herbs! 

-Select and plant roses. We have a large selection now blooming!

-Release beneficial insects to organically control pests. 

-Prune, feed and treat houseplants if needed. They may need to be watered more often as your home receives more sun. If leaves droop or wilt, water more. 

-Fertilize established lawns. 

-Harvest seeds from flower heads only after they have dried completely on the plant. Store dried seeds in paper bags or envelopes to prevent mold. 

-Start seeds fast by soaking over night before planting the next day.

-Remove blooms from caladiums and coleus to encourage more foliage.