Banish the Bugs

This time of year, we tend to think about "Creepy Crawlers!" However, while fine for Halloween, they are not fine in our gardens! Please enjoy this introduction on some of the best pest-repellant products on our shelf. All these products are kid- and pet-safe and are compatible with organic gardening!

Captain Jack’s Deadbugis a liquid, ready to use spray that will take care of your caterpillar, spider mite, and other chewing insect issues. The main ingredient is Spinosad, which is a soil dwelling bacteria that kills insects without the use of harsh chemicals. This spray can be used on fruit and vegetable plants, ormanmentals, and flowering plants. To use, you just spray on the tops and bottoms of foliage in early morning or late afternoon for maximum and most effective coverage. This is a Bonide product that is great for organic gardening.

Ferti-lome’s brand of Horticultural Oil is an oil that you mix with water in a hand   sprayer for easy application. This product controls insects, mites, and scale and will kill all stages of insects, including eggs. Great for roses, flowers, houseplants, fruit and vegetable plants, and trees. The oil coats the plant for a nice shine and apply during early morning or late afternoon. You can apply this product as often as you need since it is an organic product. This is a great product to apply right before spring or fall begins for preventative maintenance for the coming season.


Bonide Repels-All has a blend of ingredients that causes irritation to the animal's nasal passages for a harmless application to repel animals. This product repels armadillos, birds, deer, rabbits, racoons, skunks, squirrels, and more lasting up to two months. To apply, just put an even coat around the desired area. It is effective in any season and biodegradable and safe to use around kids and pets.


Come & Get It Fire Ant Killer, another Ferti-lome product, is a fantastic product to get rid of those pesky fire ants. This product has that great Spinosad ingredient that will kill the insect without the use of harmful chemicals. Applying an even spread around the ant pile in the early morning or late afternoon is the most effective method. Ants will then carry the granules back to the mound.


Diatomaceous Earth is a great granule product that is perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

   This product is effective against most crawling insects. Applying a light and even coat around the          
desired areas is the most effective way to get rid of those pesky crawling insects.

Always make sure to read product labels thoroughly and carefully for application instructions and warnings. Each product has unique applications to follow. Come in to All Seasons to find any of these products. Our staff is knowledgeable and ready to help you solve any of your pesky insect problems!