Caring for your Christmas Tree

We offer you fresh cut Christmas trees, each with a special name!  These varieties of Christmas trees are fat, full and healthy.  

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Watch owner Peter Mayeux on KATC talking about Christmas Tree Safety

Below are some tips to assure your Christmas tree will stay fresh for the whole season:

  • Purchase a Tree Preservative to add to the water in your tree stand. This specially developed formula helps promote liquid absorption and needle retention. Contents include fiber softeners and essential nutrients and minerals to help maintain a fresher and safer Christmas tree. Natural evergreen fragrance in liquid preservative adds to the holiday experience. It is pet safe as well!
    • Provides nutrients to keep tree fresh
    • Helps prolong needle retention
    • Scented with natural evergreen oils
  • When you get home, place your tree in its selected location and add tree preservative and water to fill the stand right away.  The tree should be out of water for as little time as possible! 30 minutes to an hour is about the maximum time you want to allow. Make sure you check the water level in your stand daily for the first week or so.  Your tree will absorb more water during this period.  Don't worry if your tree slows down or even stops "drinking" water close to Christmas, this is a common occurrence.
  • Once at home, close any A/C or heater vents close to where your tree is located.  Otherwise, the air blowing on the tree will dry it out.
  • Christmas trees look great framed in a big living room window, but the sunlight may contribute somewhat to branches drying out. Consider having a sheer curtain to spread across the window, and close it at least in warm, sunny days.
  • Always be sure to turn off your lights when you are not at home or are going to bed, especially if you have incandescent lights. Newer LEDs are more expensive, but they last YEARS longer and have very little heat output, so they are much safer and more earth-friendly in a variety of ways. You may choose to put your lights on a timer.
  • We offer lighting and snow flocking services. If your tree is flocked, it does not need to be watered!
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